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I knew after reading the first chapter of Richard Rudd's book, The Gene Keys, that I would become a student of the teachings.  A teacher, mystic and poet, his experiences and approach to life fascinated me.  

"The Gene Keys Teachings is a body of knowledge aimed to help transform our core self-beliefs.  They are an oasis of calm in our fast-paced world.  Here you will find paths of self-inquiry that challenge, question and enlighten you about your true role in life."

If we can look at ourselves honestly and see where we keep tripping up in life, we can begin to transform our habits and patterns.  Not only do we learn how to live in harmony with all of those in our lives, but we get to experience the deeper part of ourselves, living it each and every day, right here and right now.  We're not wishing and hoping for a better future.  We become truly alive in our bodies, in what I believe was intended the way for us to be - spiritual beings having a meaningful and beautiful human experience.

I invite you to step gently into this wisdom and find a way that feels right for you.  No matter what appears in your outer circumstances, every single human being has something absolutely beautiful hidden inside waiting to come forth.  We all have an eternal spark of genius that sets us apart from everyone else, yet unites all of us.

THE GENE KEYS TEACHINGS - The villages, fl

Additional Information

As an extension to The Energy Meditation Group, please join me as I open a space twice a month for us to explore The Gene Keys Teachings.  To gain more insight regarding The Gene Keys, go to   You may obtain your free Hologenetic Profile from the site. 

Jean McDoniels, myself and Marcia Niles are excited to share these teachings with you.  They will take you on a journey of self-discovery in no way that has ever been done before.  

We meet the 2nd  Wednesdays of the month from 10:45 - 12:20 p.m. at Lake Miona Rec Center.  All residents of The Villages and guests are welcome.  Please check the Events page  for dates and times.