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Apr 4 - Apr 9


Awakening is really a series of softenings. Our awareness becomes more one-pointed, but our heart and mind becomes softer and more open. Whenever we’re confronted with harshness, the unexpected, noise, turbulence, and the thunder of life, instead of tensing up, we need to relax and open, soften and become milder. Mildness is the essential quality needed to allow spiritual initiation. In fact, as we become more yielding, so our consciousness expands to encompass wider and wider vistas and possibilities.

Zhen (Shocking)

Action:  AROUSE

Hidden Influence:  39 Obstruction:  INNOVATE

Underlying Cause:  57 Penetration:  PERMEATE

"Success comes when you achieve tranquility in disturbance."


When children ride roller coasters, they discover that allowing fear to have expression is energizing. If only we could always remain joyous in approaching our fears as we move along our dusty road. Unfortunately, we grow complacent and seek security and stasis. Anything in nature that becomes stagnant will be re-energized by the unexpected.

Whether hurricanes balance ocean temperatures or tumultuous autumn and spring storms invigorate new growth, nobody can hide from nature’s power to keep all things thriving. The Shocking can symbolize the unexpected things that generate emotion and wake us up. It can symbolize the fear of intimacy that is suddenly awakened as stirrings of unexpected love. It can represent changes you didn’t ask for but are good for you. The underlying cause of Penetration showed a period of rest and concession, but now it is time to stir things up.


The hidden influence of Obstruction is always a call to innovate. Feelings can be rising that are quite unfamiliar but refreshingly new. What worked in the past will no longer do. The two words most associated with Zhen is ‘uh oh!’ However, it should be viewed in the same laughing sentiment as children riding a roller coaster. Something is coming that is unexpected but is meant to awaken you to how you hide. Each day we witness the mutability of nature and fail to recognize it in our own life. No matter the event, the pace may quicken and you may suddenly find your heart racing and a smile on your face.


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