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About Our Group

I began this group in August of 2008 wanting to share all of the knowledge and experiences that I had had up until that point.  It was as if something within me was waiting to break out and express itself.  And, so I took the plunge to start the The Energy Meditation Group and have never looked back.  We have grown in so many ways.  I have met many wonderful people through this experience of mine.  This is what life does.  It carries you along and points you in the direction of where you are meant to go - whether we know it or not.  We can certainly feel  when it's right - and this feels right for me. 

By opening up to the voice within, we begin to know this invisible realm which pervades our very being.  Awareness of self brings about the inner peace that we are all wanting - not to mention health, clarity, vitality, and joy.  If you are a resident or a guest of The Villages, FL please stop by on a Wednesday morning to participate and experience the "wonder of you."  Discover the depth of your inner being through meditation and self-awareness.



9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Lake Miona Recreation Center             

The Villages, FL

upcoming events

Awareness of our Underlying Unity and Oneness with David Winfree - 3/4/20


David is an inspirational speaker, writer, energy worker, healer and spiritual teacher.  In 2006 he entered a profound state of inner silence, which increased his awareness of the essential unity of all things. This resulted in him going into full-time spiritual work, both on his own as well as teaming with like-minded people to conduct uplifting spiritual events.   He seeks to help those who are on a spiritual path see  Divinity in themselves and in others and to consciously and joyously share in a life of on-going transformation, service and celebration. 

Creating a Personal Mandala with Barbara Morris - 3/18/20


Barbara has been exploring consciousness and spirituality throughout her entire life.  She has studied under Stanislov Grof, Sondra Ray, and Lenard Orr.  She is a talented artist  who creates and paints mandalas.  In her  presentation we will be experiencing a meditation bringing awareness to the source of any unhealthy patterns or unconscious barriers that keep us from living an open-hearted  life.   Please bring CRAYONS and/or MARKERS to the session.

From Illusion to Intuition with Debby Edgarton - 3/25/20


Debby is a Villages resident and one of the sponsors of the Edgar Cayce Group here in The Villages.  She has been a student of the Cayce work for 30+ years and holds a Masters in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University in Virginia Beach as well as Masters degrees in Business and Education.  She recently published a book called - A Path to Self Remembering:  A Guidebook for growth in human consciousness  - which is available on Amazon.  Her talk will look at how we currently perceive events in the outside world, aspects of and characteristics of the ego, the skill of self observation, and how to let go of attachment to the ego.